24 June 2022

Exploring life at sea for Day of the Seafarer 2022

25 June marks Day of the Seafarer (DotS), with this year’s theme being ‘your voyage – then and now, share your journey’

Spending months away from their families, braving the elements and operating with irregular work schedules, the life of a seafarer can be a demanding one. For DotS 2022, James Fisher set out to put the spotlight on our seafarers and share their stories with a wider audience.

We asked some of our seafarers to participate in a Q&A, in which they were encouraged to comment on what their typical day on board a vessel looks like, and share their insights on life at sea.

Responses ranged from interesting stories they had acquired over their careers – some of which span three decades - favourite places they have visited, the greatest challenges they have faced while at sea, and how they have developed alongside the shipping industry.

Bryan Hierons, 2nd engineer – Seniority, JF Tankships:

“One of my best experiences at sea was the first time I crossed the equator on the James Fisher drillship Pholas. The line-crossing ceremony is a rite of passage many seafarers will be familiar with and will have fond memories of.

“A highlight is also qualifying for my first ticket, promotion, and recognition from the company for the hard work I’ve put in over the years. Having worked very hard on one of the fleet’s older vessels for many years and now to be assigned to a new build has provided reassurance that the effort I have put in is valued.”

F.Chirilov, able seaman (AB) – Seniority, JF Tankships:

“The biggest challenge for me has been getting to the end of a long contract. The longest amount of time I spent on a vessel was 11 months. This was at a time when communication with home was much harder. Now my contracts are three months and I have the internet to speak with my family. Three months is a much better length of time to be away.”

Sebastian Jaworski, vessel master – Superiority, JF Tankships:

“The most interesting place I have visited is Canada Lakes. It was the only opportunity I had to go to Canada due to the communism in Poland at the time and to see the local culture, Niagara Falls and Toronto Tower.”

To find out more about Day of the Seafarer and its organiser the International Maritime Organization, click here.


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