12 October 2021

Creating change in honour of Baby Loss Awareness Week 

In an effort to drive forward a movement of change across the Group, James Fisher has implemented a bereavement policy, which specifically incorporates and makes provisions for those who experience pregnancy loss, to support its bereaved employees. 

Content warning: The information contained in this article may be difficult or upsetting for some readers. 

To encourage positive change, James Fisher and Sons plc has created a new bereavement and pregnancy loss policy in order to provide more support to its bereaved parents and families. The movement stems from the Group's focus on supporting its employees in all avenues of their life by offering more appropriate bereavement leave, including leave for pregnancy loss at any stage of pregnancy. James Fisher encourages any organisation that is considering implementing a similar policy to use this document as a template. 

The law currently only entitles those who experience a pregnancy loss from 24 weeks to receive paid leave (in the form of their maternity leave), with no paid leave available to those who suffer a loss below the 24-week stage. James Fisher’s bereavement and pregnancy loss policy entitles all its employees and workers to receive paid bereavement leave and counselling at any stage of pregnancy, whether it’s experienced first-hand or alongside a family member. 

In honour of Baby Loss Awareness Week (BLAW) this week (9-15 October), it's important to continue raising awareness and eradicate the stigma around baby loss. We hope that by implementing this policy, our employees find comfort in knowing more support is available should they lose a loved one. We actively encourage our supporting organisations to utilise our policy, and seek to invoke the movement for change for more bereavement support for parents and families in their own workplace. 

If you have been affected by baby loss, additional support can be found via Sands oTommy’s. 

You can show your support to bereaved parents and families during Baby Loss Awareness Week by lighting a candle at 7pm on 15 October, wearing a pink and blue ribbon or simply offering your support to someone who has experienced baby loss. Alternatively, you can visit the Baby Loss Awareness Week events page for more information around which events are being held in your local area.