08 March 2019

Addressing the 'balance for better'

How we intend to address the 'balance for better' advocated by the International Women's Day campaign 2019.

In celebrating the appointment of Dr Inken Braunschmidt this month as another female, Non-Executive Board Director, James Fisher continues to assert its commitment to gender equality and diversity.

Recognising Inken’s outstanding contribution to innovation, strategy and change management in what have traditionally been male dominated sectors, testifies to James Fisher’s determination to create an inclusive culture where all employees are respected and valued.

The drive to foster positive gender diversity has also seen the company recently sign the ‘Women in Maritime Pledge’ which seeks to enhance female representation throughout the industry in both onshore and offshore capacities through ‘training-visibility-recognition’.

Championing success stories, as when JFD’s Karen Adams was awarded the ‘Woman in Industry Award’ by the Centre for Engineering, Education and Development (CeeD) for furthering engineering in Scotland, helps acknowledge the tangible and significant impact women have within the industry. 

And, in actively supporting the United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals, James Fisher intends to help empower all women and girls irrespective of opportunity or circumstance. That’s why we’ve recently launched a parental transition support programme, introduced talent development centres, coached underprivileged children in West Africa and promoted school-children’s engagement in STEM subjects in the UK.

Through the advancement of these and similar initiatives, and by continuing to welcome and develop aspiring women like Inken, we are aiming to address the ‘balance for better’, advocated by the International Women’s Day campaign 2019, for the betterment of our business and the industries in which we operate around the world.