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James Fisher provides a range of information demonstrating the expertise and capabilities of the group companies.  

James Fisher regularly provides relevant, up-to-date literature which discusses the diversity and complexity of projects which the groups have been involved in. Click below to find out more: 

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James Fisher overview brochure  pdf.png 4 MB
Oil and gas sector brochure pdf.png 704 KB
Renewables sector brochure pdf.png 540 KB 
Nuclear sector brochure pdf.png 476 KB 
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General overview brochure pdf.png 4.3 MB
Worldwide ship-to-ship brochure pdf.png 4.6 MB
Marine products flyer pdf.png 1.5 MB
Offshore marine services diagram pdf.png 1.7 MB
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Integrated marine services brochure pdf.png 1 MB
Offshore Wind Management System® pdf.png 816 KB
Subsea services overview brochure pdf.png 2.5 MB
Mermaid® brochure pdf.png 2 MB
Offshore support vessel pdf.png 4.7 MB
Ship-to-TurbineTM pdf.png 3 MB
Marine projects pdf.png 1 MB
Unexploded ordnance (UXO) capabilities brochure pdf.png 2.9 MB
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Rumic capability brochure pdf.png  338 KB
Offshore services pdf.png  320 KB
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General overview brochure pdf.png 1 MB
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Safety bails pdf.png 193 KB
Safety slick joint pdf.png 285 KB
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Container weight verification paper pdf.png 5.6 MB
Bridge monitoring brochure pdf.png 6 MB
Nuclear industry brochure pdf.png 3.5 MB
Renewable monitoring brochure pdf.png 3.7 MB
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General overview brochure pdf.png 1 MB