Thanet offshore wind farm

In January 2010 Osiris were invited to offer their input at an open forum to speed up the cable installation program at TOW.

Within a couple of weeks, two Multicat DSV’s for second-end cable pull-ins were mobilised along with a third DSV for inspection and remedial work, as well as for tower rigging teams and tower team transfer vessels. This was running 24 hours a day.

The project was coordinated from a shore side operations office supported by an administration department and shore side stores. At its height, there were over 60 divers and 30 riggers with 10 shore side management and engineering support staff.

Osiris (now part of James Fisher Subsea) has designed and used a range of unique tools and methods which it has tailor made for the project. Its bend restrictor shoe allows cable pull-ins to I-tubes without compromising the cable’s safe bend radius, for example.

Osiris has worked with the client to develop a cable centraliser for remedial fitting and to complete the cable installation program. It has also helped to find solutions to remedial cable problems.

Services provided:

  • Cable installation
  • Tower team cable pull-in
  • General diving services


Download the Thanet offshore wind farm case study.