Fendercare supports Wello Penguin Wave Energy Converter

In summer 2012, Fendercare Marine provided key support to the successful Wello Penguin Wave Energy Converter (WEC) installation in Orkney, Lyness.

A range of services were delivered during installation demonstrating Fendercare's ability to support pre-commercial and commercial array installation.


The Wello Penguin WEC is a unique and patented construction designed to harvest ocean energy. It is based on industry standard components, including a generator typically used by wind turbines, to allow scalable manufacturing by virtually any shipyard using existing manufacturing processes.

The Wello Penguin WEC is connected to a mooring system on the Billia Croo test site. The actual installation of the Wello Penguin WEC took only 36 hours and was conducted by a multicat vessel assisted by a harbour tug.


Wello Penguin Wave Energy Converter (WEC).

Services provided:

  • Shoreside support from Lyness base
  • Project management
  • Labour support
  • Final ballasting and mooring equipment supply

Benefits delivered:

  • Project integration - one supplier
  • Delivered on-time and to budget
  • Initial results confirmed efficient rotating movement of the Wello Penguin WEC in smaller waves than first anticipated


Download the Wello Penguin Wave Energy Converter case study.