Prolec lead in subsea excavation

Prolec were approached by Norwegian dealer Gunderson and Løken to adapt its pcX-3D excavator solution for a highly specialised application.

The principle use of this revolutionary machine was oil platform and pipeline maintenance. The excavator was designed to be operated at extreme depths of up to 2000 metres, so would need to be controlled by an umbilical cable from a command vessel.

Significant work was carried out with the client to re-house Prolec’s magnetically damped encoder sensors in special
casings, as they would not survive the pressure experienced at the depths required.

The pcX-3D software was specially adapted so that digital terrain models (DTM) of structures such as oil platforms
could be imported and used. Another challenge facing Prolec was the requirement to work with highly specialised
third party systems including a gyroscopic compass. 

The special pcX-3D variant was installed on the machine and met all the customer’s expectations. As a result they subsequently ordered a further two systems.


Prolec’s pcX-3D system was employed for subsea excavation. The excavator was designed to be operated at
extreme depths of up to 2000 metres, so the system was adapted to suit the conditions.



Services provided:

  • Supplied custom designed pcX-3D system to operate in extreme depths of up to 2000 metres
  • Re-housing of the sensors to ensure they were fit for purpose
  • Integration with third party systems including a gyroscopic compass

Benefits delivered:

  • The system allowed the customer to operate in challenging conditions, achieving all requirements of the operation
  • Compatibility with existing systems


Download the Prolec adapt pcX-3D for specialised subsea application case study.