Submarine Rescue System with NATO

The NSRS (NATO Submarine Rescue System) is at the forefront of submarine rescue technology. 

NSRS is rapidly mobilised and transported by air or road transport. Deployment time on a MOSHIP is dramatically reduced by the system’s innovative fly-by-wire remote control system housed in a separate control module. This is achieved by providing a closed-circuit breathing system whereby the diver’s gas is returned to the surface and exhausted to the atmosphere rather than exhausting into the water.


Divex (now part of JFD) delivered the transfer under pressure (TUP) element of the NATO Submarine Rescue System (NSRS).


Rolls Royce

Services provided:

  • Design and build of 72 man recompression facility and TUP
  • Design and installation of automated control system
  • Provision of life support equipment
  • Full commissioning of NSRS

Benefits delivered:

  • World's premier submarine decompression facility
  • Full air mobility
  • Simple and rapid deployment


Download the NATO Submarine Rescue System case study.