JFD conducts hydrostatic pressure test

JFD was able to conduct a hydrostatic pressure test of cables for subsea support work with remote witnessing, enabling the customer to meet the industry standards and Quality Assurance requirements.

The challenge

  • To be able to conduct the hydrostatic pressure test and have it witnessed remotely by an independent accreditation body within the confines of COVID-19 protocols. 

The solution

  • Cables were sent to the National Hyperbaric Centre in Aberdeen, Scotland by the customer to be hydrostatically tested to 50 PSI in a 100bar chamber.
  • To enable Bureau Veritas (a classification body) to witness the test safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, and reduce the cost and time associated with travel, JFD set up a remote witnessing process.
  • Remote witnessing allowed the customer and third party accreditors to witness the tests being conducted remotely via a livestream from the workshop, showing the live results from the data loggers.
  • Conducting the test in this manner, and offering the remote witnessing options significantly reduced the costs for the test process as a whole to the customers, as well as reduced the number of personnel required onsite, ensuring all COVID-19 safety measures were followed.

hydrostatic pressure test.png