Mooring monitoring for oil giant Total

The supply of a critical mooring monitoring solution to oil giant Total has seen James Fisher group companies come together in fruitful collaboration.

The Integrated Marine Monitoring System (IMMS)™ is to be used for the Moho Nord tension leg platform - destined for installation off the Congolese coast in West Africa.

Strainstall will provide Total with a comprehensive monitoring package that will be crucial for production and safety, whilst RMSpumptools will supply underwater connectors that are resistant to interference and malfunction caused by the growth of marine vegetation.

Strainstall’s IMMS™ is designed to provide an integrated monitoring and control system for both fixed and floating offshore structures. The data monitored includes load and bending moments in the mooring tendons, the height of the deck above the sea surface, permanent and temporary ballast tank levels, wave condition, wind speed and direction, air temperature and pressure.

Features and benefits:

  • Comprehensive monitoring package
  • Crucial for production and safety
  • Customer benefits from diverse and integrated solution provided by the James Fisher group

“Strainstall is the market leader in load cell based tendon tension measurement systems, and those such as the Moho Nord IMMS™ are a natural progression from this. A key differentiator for Strainstall has always been our ability to instil confidence because we put our engineers in front of our clients. The involvement in this project of our JF group colleagues at RMSpumptools has certainly added value", declared Ross Davidson, offshore systems engineer at Strainstall.


Download the Mooring monitoring for oil giant Total case study.