Singapore Navy uses James Fisher Defence to complete decompression system refurbishment

James Fisher Defence completes the refurbishment of two decompression chambers and integration of new deck transfer lock and dive control room. 

The Republic of Singapore Navy provided James Fisher Defence (now part of JFD), with two 22 man decompression chambers as government furbished equipment. Following a thorough survey, James Fisher Defence carried out a complete refurbishment of both chambers before integrating them with a new transfer lock and control

The new deck transfer lock (DTL), designed and integrated by James Fisher Defence, allows for the safe transfer of personnel between the decompression chambers and provides a pressurised interface with the DSAR-6 Submarine Rescue Vehicle. The DTL was also designed with a large, rectangular access point to allow for the rapid insertion of
survivors in a submarine escape incident.

The new dive control room (DCR) provides chamber operators with a single, centralised monitoring, control and
management point with direct communications both within the system and with the rest of the ship.
The newly refurbished chambers, DTL and DCR were certified by Lloyd’s Register and installed on MV Swift
Rescue by James Fisher Defence’s engineering teams. The entire system is operated and maintained by James Fisher Defence through a 25-year contract to provide the RSN with their submarine rescue capability.


James Fisher Defence completes refurbishment of two decompression chambers and integrates them with new
deck transfer lock and dive control room.


Republic of Singapore Navy

Services provided:

  • Initial survey
  • Refurbishment of existing systems
  • Design and manufacture of new equipment
  • Installation and integration services
  • Classification to Lloyd’s Register rules

Benefits delivered:

  • Provides the RSN with a 44 man decompression facility
  • DTL allows safe interface between chambers and with DSAR-6 Submarine Rescue Vehicle
  • Provides rapid access for submarine escape survivors


Download the Decompression system refurbishment for Singapore Navy case study.