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Air mobilisation of entire James Fisher Submarine Rescue Service

JFSRS relocates from Scotland to Australia as part of JFD’s contract to provide Royal Australian Navy with a complete submarine rescue capability.

Transfer under pressure interface for Swedish Navy

James Fisher Defence designs and manufactures transfer under pressure interface for Swedish Navy.

Deflection, vibration, strain monitoring

Strainstall is equipped to undertake dynamic response testing of structures, with quick-to-mobilise equipment that can be easily set up on site.

Burj Khalifa structural health monitoring

Strainstall completed a monitoring contract on the tallest man-made structure ever built - the Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai.

Load testing of offshore pedestal mounted cranes

Strainstall provides an instrumentation and monitoring service for offshore pedestal mounted cranes.

Strainstall’s Red Sea rig stability project

Strainstall assisted with rig stability and pile testing in Red Sea.

Intergroup collaboration for Total

The supply of a critical mooring monitoring solution to oil giant Total has seen James Fisher group companies come together in fruitful collaboration.

Providing a confined space rescue support team to the Gwynt y Môr offshore wind farm

James Fisher Subsea assists with the confined space rescue support team at Gwynt y Môr offshore wind farm.

Kentish Flats offshore wind farm: diving personnel

Osiris provides diving personnel to aid the remedial burial of cable for Kentish Flats offshore wind farms.

Personnel supply to LINCS offshore wind farm

Osiris supplies cross trained personnel to the LINCS offshore wind farm for services above and below the surface.

Dolwin 1 Alpha offshore wind farm – cable de-burial and recovery

James Fisher provides support services for Dolwin 1 Alpha offshore wind farm.

Prolec adapt pcX-3D for specialised subsea application

Prolec aid Norwegian dealer Gunderson and Løken to adapt its pcX-3D solution for subsea excavation.

Motorway construction

Prolec's Digmaster Pro was chosen by GP Papenburg to enhance the productivity of their excavators in earth moving and road construction.

Inshore dredging

In-shore dredging company GeoOcean uses Prolec’s machine guidance package pcX-3D for dredging work in its different locations.

German waterways

Prolec’s Digmaster Pro depth monitoring and guidance system was selected by the German Federal Waterways to support upgrade.