Transport and infrastructure


From railway infrastructure and rolling stock monitoring through to control and signalling systems, James Fisher's solutions improve the supervision, control and safe operation of transport networks.

In addition to assessing the condition and life expectancy of high value capital assets of land based transportation systems, James Fisher also operates its own coastal tanker fleet. Delivering in excess of 8 million tonnes of refined product to the UK annually, we undertake over 2,000 voyages and 4,500 port calls per year.

The group also supports the aerospace industry with the production of tools and testing systems needed to build the latest aircraft and engine systems. It performs non-destructive testing on components, manufactured parts, castings and welds at UKAS and NADCAP approved testing laboratories.

Explore the products and services James Fisher provides to the transportation and infrastructure sector below:

Image of a lorry at port driving past shipping containers

Transport and infrastructure