We recognise that creating a sustainable business will enable the Group to deliver its strategy whilst remaining efficient and competitive.

We are committed to ensuring that we are all conscious of, and committed to, our responsibilities towards the people, communities, businesses and environments impacted by our business in the many different markets in which we operate.

During 2018, we launched the Group’s sustainability initiative designed to anchor the Group’s sustainability aims around some common principles, to provide a reporting forum for the sustainability activities already undertaken by the Group and to guide our investments as we set challenging targets for the future. The Sustainability Committee which draws together a team of champions from across all our business units, each of whom takes responsibility for their business and the initiatives currently underway, as well as identifying opportunities to develop our sustainability credentials in the years ahead.

The Group is determined to develop a value-driven sustainable strategy underpinned by creative solutions for the benefit of all our stakeholders.


Our people are our most important asset and we have a clear commitment to their health, safety and general wellbeing whilst providing equal opportunities to our diverse workforce.

How we engage:

We believe it is important to dedicate time, effort and attention to implementing systems, ways of working and initiatives to create conditions in which people are eager and empowered to contribute.

What do they care most about?

  • Knowing their voice is heard
  • Ensuring everyone is treated fairly
  • No compromise on our Health, Safety or Environmental standards
  • Feeling alignment between personal and company values

How do we respond?

  • Listening to employees via the Group-wide employee survey
  • Commitment to building a truly inclusive culture
  • Continuous prioritisation of safety above all else to become a zero harm workplace
  • Establishment of a "Peoples Development Forum" with the aim of sharing best practice and determining priorities in relation to employee-related matters
  • Establishment of "Employee Value Proposition" following feedback through employee engagement activities to help define the culture and purpose of our Group


We often operate in challenging conditions and recognise that our work may impact on the environment.

How we engage:

We are committed to conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner. We are putting in place processes to understand and address our responsibilities in respect of our operational impacts on the environment, including climate change.

What matters most?

  • Our impact on the environment
  • A clean environment for the future generations
  • That we have responsible sourcing in our supply chains

How do we respond?

  • Actively reducing our greenhouse gas emissions
  • Moving to lower / zero emission technologies
  • Our businesses continue to develop initiatives to ensure responsible sourcing


Local communities

We recognise that our work may impact on local communities.

How we engage:

Every day we deliver in sustainable and responsible ways. We encourage our businesses and individual employees to support local communities within their operational areas.

What do they care about most?

  • Local jobs and investment
  • That we are good neighbours, operating safely and ethically
  • That we actively help and support local communities

How do we respond?

  • Providing direct employment to 3,300 people in 20 countries
  • Investing in our facilities to provide a safe and nurturing environment
  • Investing in education and apprenticeship programmes

Customers and suppliers:

The relationships we build with our supply chains and our customers are fundamental to our success and we are at the forefront of bringing innovative and technological solutions to promote efficiencies.

How we engage:

We believe in customer-focused high quality product and services solutions. Investment in innovation adds value to our customers. Group companies promote human rights, social responsibility, trade compliance and anti-corruption within their own supplier base.

What do they care about most?

  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Smart technologies
  • Sustainability
  • Trusted long-term partnerships
  • Ever-present service
  • Collaborative relationships
  • Responsive communication

How do we respond?

  • Increased investment in research and development
  • Dedicated Group Digital Director to bring coordination to the Group businesses approach to collation of data and software presentation of data
  • Face-to-face meetings with suppliers
  • Key account support
  • Equal opportunity policies for all suppliers
  • Strong safety culture and learnings
  • Establishment of cross-divisional working groups with representation from numerous businesses around the Group and key account managers for Group clients
  • Dedicated procurement manager appointed to develop working relationships


Our shareholders fully expect us not only to deliver a good financial performance, but also demonstrate how we make a positive contribution to society. 

How we engage: 

The company maintains and values regular communication with shareholders. You can read more about shareholder engagement on page 37 of the 2019 Annual Report. Please note, this year's AGM will be held on 30 April 2020.

What do they care about most?

  • Clear strategy and good execution
  • Financial discipline
  • Strong returns and management through the cycle
  • Protecting and enhancing the reputation of the Group

How do we respond?

  • Group strategic framework
  • Regular reporting of performance
  • Growing ahead of our end markets
  • Code of Conduct and risk assessments

Corporate social responsibility

The Company is committed to building a sustainable and profitable business while continuing to operate responsibly with honesty, integrity and fairness.

Our Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for establishing high ethical standards of behaviour, effective corporate governance and defines our strategic and financial objectives. Corporate responsibility remains central to delivering our strategy and the Chief Executive Officer is the Director with specific responsibility for corporate responsibility matters and oversees the processes and measures used to manage the Group’s social, environmental, ethical, health and safety and associated internal controls.

The Group has implemented a number of policies covering anti-bribery and corruption, business ethics, whistle-blowing and diversity which support our approach to corporate responsibility. The effectiveness of these policies and procedures are monitored and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that they align with our Group strategy.

We require all of our employees to conduct themselves to the highest level of ethical conduct in their business activities and to comply with relevant laws, regulations and standards of market practice in all jurisdictions where the Group operates. We do not permit bribery, illegal or corrupt business practices and we provide a procedure for employees to raise any malpractice concerns in an appropriate forum without fear of recourse.