The Sir John Fisher Foundation

The Sir John Fisher Foundation is a charitable trust established in 1980 by Sir John Fisher and his wife, Lady Maria Fisher, which distributes its income, including its dividends from James Fisher and Sons plc, to charitable causes.

Sir John was a former chairman of James Fisher, the company originally founded in 1847 by his grandfather, while Lady Maria Fisher (born Maria Elsner) was a famous pre-war opera singer who settled once married to support Sir John in his established career. Throughout his life, despite a very active business career, Sir John’s interest in the affairs of the people of Barrow-in-Furness, UK and the locality became legendary. Both he and his wife took a deep personal interest in many social and charitable organizations giving personal support as well as financial aid. The Foundation strives to continue that charitable tradition in his name to this day.

The Foundation’s capital fund includes its shareholding in James Fisher and Sons plc. The dividends paid by the company enable its trustees to make grants to charitable causes throughout the UK but with special regard to those based in, and working for the benefit of people living in, and around Barrow-in-Furness, UK and the surrounding area. In 2015 the Foundation made commitments to charitable causes of £1.7m (2014: £1.5m).

Making both a tangible and positive contribution to the community in Barrow-in-Furness, UK and its surrounding area – and with wider benefits arising from many of its medical and other projects being felt both nationally and internationally – the Sir John Fisher Foundation provides a fine example of charitable philanthropy. It is also one that today’s James Fisher and Sons plc is very proud to be associated with.

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