Our Stakeholders

Throughout 2020, the Company has been undertaking a detailed strategic review, including how the Company delivers for and engages with its stakeholders, and to review and re-establish the Group’s purpose and values.

The Board is committed to embedding sustainability and the interest of its five key stakeholders into day-to-day decision-making and making them central to delivering the Group strategy.

The Group’s key stakeholders and their differing perspectives are identified and taken into account, not only as part of the Board’s strategy discussions, but also in our project assessments and in our other Board conversations. These discussions, assessments and conversations focus not only on delivering increased value for shareholders, but also assess the impacts of our decisions and strategies on the Group’s wider stakeholders. The Board recognises the importance of regular, open and constructive dialogue with shareholders and other stakeholders and this has long been a key aspect of our culture and of our decision making.


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Corporate social responsibility

The Company is committed to building a sustainable and profitable business while continuing to operate responsibly with honesty, integrity and fairness.

Our Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for establishing high ethical standards of behaviour, effective corporate governance and defines our strategic and financial objectives. Corporate responsibility remains central to delivering our strategy and the Chief Executive Officer is the Director with specific responsibility for corporate responsibility matters and oversees the processes and measures used to manage the Group’s social, environmental, ethical, health and safety and associated internal controls.

The Group has implemented a number of policies covering anti-bribery and corruption, business ethics, whistle-blowing and diversity which support our approach to corporate responsibility. The effectiveness of these policies and procedures are monitored and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that they align with our Group strategy.

We require all of our employees to conduct themselves to the highest level of ethical conduct in their business activities and to comply with relevant laws, regulations and standards of market practice in all jurisdictions where the Group operates. We do not permit bribery, illegal or corrupt business practices and we provide a procedure for employees to raise any malpractice concerns in an appropriate forum without fear of recourse.