Our people

Helping employees meet their potential.

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for employee matters, assisted by the Group Head of Human Resources.
James Fisher is an equal opportunities employer and is firmly committed to both the principle and realisation of equality.

The Group is committed to complying with all applicable laws governing employment practices and to the prevention of discrimination on the basis of any unlawful criteria. In addition to complying with legislative requirements, the Group strives to ensure that disabled employees are treated fairly and that their training, career development and promotion needs are met.

The Board considered and re-approved the Group’s existing health safety and environment policy in January 2019 as a declaration of our intent and commitment. 

Our strong focus on employee training, regulatory compliance and accident reduction provides the support to allow
accountability to remain with local management who are best placed to ensure that their businesses comply with local laws and regulations and specific needs on a day-to-day basis. The review of health and safety performance is high on the agenda at each Board and business board meetings, and remains a top priority for the Group.

We recognise that the success of our business depends on our talented workforce. Employees throughout the Group are encouraged to participate in training and development programmes and to obtain professional qualifications relevant to their roles.

Equal opportunities and diversity

The Group values the diverse backgrounds of all its people and strives to create a culture of honesty, openness and accountability. It is Group policy to treat all job applicants and employees fairly. The Group has made the commitment that no employee or potential employee shall receive more or less favourable treatment or consideration on the grounds of race, colour, ethnic origin, nationality, national origin, religion or belief, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or any other similarly protected status. We aim to ensure that people from any background or of any gender identity have equal access to employment, training and career progression opportunities. We strive to select individuals on merit and do not consider that targets or quotas are appropriate.

The Board recognises that having a diverse workforce allows the Group to meet better the differing requirements of our global customer base. Our strategy is to identify current and/ or future potential successors to senior management roles throughout the Group, and gender diversity is encouraged by the Board. The Group's diversity policy is reviewed annually and approved by the Board and is available on the Company's website. The objectives of the Group's diversity policy are to ensure that the Group benefits from a diverse workforce and has a working environment where all employees are encouraged to realise their full potential and where there is an open atmosphere of trust, honesty and respect. The policy applies to all Group employees and to all staff, contractors, consultants and any other individual working for, at, or on behalf of the Group. One diversity policy initiative is to provide training and mentoring for women at all stages of their career to support their development as leaders. In the last two years, 63 women passed through this leadership programme.

Gender diversity

  2018 2017
  Female Male Female Male
Main board directors *1 7 1 6
Senior managers 11 64 11 61
Employees 565 2,218 564 2,081

* Dr Inken Braunschmidt was appointed on 1 March 2019, when the Board’s gender diversity ratio will change to 75% male, 25% female.

The Group will report on gender pay in accordance with the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 by April 2019. The Board has been considering the preliminary results of the Group analysis and whether any action might be required.

All of our employees are treated with respect and dignity. Harassment of any kind is not tolerated. In addition to complying with legislative requirements, the Group strives to ensure that disabled employees are treated fairly and that their training, career development and promotion needs are met. If an employee were to become disabled during the course of their employment, the Group would provide support, wherever practicable. Whether through re-training or re-deployment, so that they continue to be employed, wherever practicable, in the same job, or if this were not practicable, every effort would be made to find suitable alternative employment.

Respect for human rights James Fisher is committed to supporting and respecting human rights in the workplace and in the communities in which it operates across its international business. We have implemented work practices and policies throughout the Group which are designed to ensure that respect for human rights is integrated into the systems and culture of our businesses. We do not tolerate the use of child or forced labour within our business and take all steps possible to ensure that our suppliers and customers also uphold internationally recognised human rights.

The Group has a formal slavery and human trafficking statement which outlines steps taken by the Group to ensure that there is transparency in the Group and throughout our supply chains. As part of this policy statement, the Group encourages any concerns relating to modern slavery to be raised using the procedure set out in the whistleblowing policy. There is an on-going process of risk assessment with the effectiveness of this statement and the Group's other policies, and procedures being regularly monitored and reviewed by the Audit Committee to ensure that they align with our Group strategy. During 2017, no whistleblowing reports were brought to the attention of the Audit Committee.

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