James Fisher's Board of Directors has delegated certain responsibilities to the following Board Committees:

Chaired by Justin Atkinson

Meets a minimum of three times a year.

Assists the Board in its oversight and monitoring of financial reporting, reviews the Group's internal financial controls and systems for risk management and internal controls and assesses independence and objectivity of external auditor.

Read the Terms of Reference of the Audit Committee.

Chaired by Aedamar Comiskey

Meets at least once a year.

Agrees the remuneration policy for Executive Directors and other senior executives; reviews the appropriateness and relevance of the Group’s remuneration policy; and ensures that the provisions of the Code relating to remuneration are fulfilled.

Read the Terms of Reference of the Remuneration Committee.

Chaired by Angus Cockburn

Meets at least once a year.

Reviews the structure, size and composition of the Board (including skills, knowledge, diversity and experience) and recommends changes, succession planning for Directors and senior executives. 

Identifies and nominates candidates for approval to the Board, to fill vacancies when they arise.

Read the Terms of Reference of the Nominations Committee.