James Fisher launches COVID-19 working group

James Fisher and Sons plc has launched a COVID-19 working group to implement a range of actions to protect its employees, as well as taking measures to offset the potential impact on the group

Covid-19 has been the biggest challenge the James Fisher group has faced since the second world war. While we have risen to the challenges faced as a result of the global pandemic, it’s becoming clearer by day that Covid-19 will remain high on our priority list for the duration of 2020 at least.

Beyond the initial challenges presented and the unpreceded action taken by the group, is further challenges in our recovery and eventual integration back into ‘normal’ life – whenever that may be. For generations to come our country – and so our business – will feel the aftereffects of this pandemic, so it becomes vital to set the foundations for a continued and successful recovery. 

Initially the Working Group will meet virtually on a bi-weekly basis, with the potential of decreasing the frequency of meetings later in the year should this be appropriate.

Communications to all employees will include messages circulated centrally as well as messages filter throughout each group company by their representatives and seionr leadership teams.

COVID-19 Working Group scope

By introducing a COVID-19 Working Group, James Fisher is bringing together people from across the organisation who can represent their teams and business areas, helping us to shape and scope the short and long term plans that enable us to remain ahead of the curve on COVID-19.

By creating a platform for representatives, we can facilitate communication, ideas, plans and contingencies that will help us successfully respond to the challenges COVID-19 presents us with, as well as giving us the opportunity to communicate more effectively with our wider employees through our representative’s support.

Key objectives

  • To facilitate clearer and more direct communication with employees
  • Provide key updates and changes in strategy around handling COVID-19
  • Awareness and Incorporation of local challenges into the wider COVID-19 plans
  • Support continued engagement with ongoing COVID-19 planning across our workforce