Business model

Our Group model comprises niche, entrepreneurial businesses with the purpose of delivering a range of innovative products and services, predominately to large multinational customers and governments globally, to the highest quality and ethical standards.



James Fisher has a clear set of values that we expect all of our employees to subscribe to in all our business activities: honesty, integrity and fairness. These values are built into our Group Code of Ethics which provides the core principles defining the way in which the businesses operate. Maintaining the highest ethical and governance standards is vital to the success of the Group. They help us to win the trust of our customers which face developing regulatory pressures and business challenges as they grow into existing and emerging markets. Our values allow us to grow with our customers.



 JF Values




Our services and products

The Group provides solutions to customers through the provision of specialist equipment supported by the detailed knowledge of our people, who are industry experts in their specific operations. The equipment is often designed and assembled by our people, who then operate it and provide through-life support to our customers. Whilst our expertise originates in the UK, the Group provides these solutions and support internationally and focuses on servicing less mature markets. Addressing customer demands for quality and improvement requires the continuous development of innovative products to maintain market leadership in our areas of service.



Our Services

Our culture

Our decentralised management structure encourages managers to be responsible for making timely decisions in the best interests of their businesses but with the back-up and resources of a larger group. Our businesses have strong, experienced management teams who are rewarded according to the success of their businesses. An entrepreneurial culture means that decisions are made quickly and in response to changes in the market and the competitive environment. Innovation is a key driver to the Group’s success and differentiates the Group from its competitors. Product and service development by the businesses is targeted through employee engagement and empowerment to solve customer needs and problems through innovation.



Our Culture


The Group is focused on operational excellence and organic growth from its existing businesses. This is supported by selective bolt-on acquisitions which broaden our product range and service portfolio, deepen our management pool and potentially extend our geographical coverage for our large multinational customers.