Business model

We are focused on market segments where our responsive, niche and entrepreneurial businesses can deploy innovative products and services that create superior value whilst attaining the highest standards of safety, efficiency, environmental performance, regulatory compliance and ethical standards. Our customers are predominantly large multinational corporations, governments and other high assurance counterparties.


Our purpose has always been clear and consistent, but the continuous expansion of the Group through acquisitions and organic growth has caused us to revisit our purpose and to establish a renewed, shared understanding and direction.

Our purpose seeks to inspire people to contribute their time, energy and imagination to the Company. It ensures an authentic connection between what the organisation believes, states and does and enables us to make practical choices about our day-to-day actions by serving as a constant, unwavering reference point.

Focusing on why we exist and how we create value for all our stakeholders, we have re-defined our purpose as:

"Pioneering safe and trusted solutions to complex problems in harsh environments to create a sustainable future."



 JF Values





The key element at the core of James Fisher is our people. Our decentralised and entrepreneurial culture encourages personal accountability and development through an understanding customers’ needs , overcoming the unique challenges of the environments in which we operate and supporting development and deployment of unique solutions focused on value creation for all our stakeholders through rapid decision making.



Our Culture

Resources and relationships

Underpinning our strategy and business model, our aim is to create value for all of our stakeholders:

• Our shareholders
• Our employees
• The local communities in which we operate
• Our customers and suppliers
• The environment

By being purpose-led, we strive to inspire and motivate employees who increasingly seek meaningful work and values-based working cultures, to be better able to adapt to change, and more readily able to harness the power and opportunity for innovation. We recognise that customers want to work with responsible businesses that take issues such as sustainability seriously and that investors progressively use environmental, social and governance criteria to decide in which companies to invest. By aligning behind a strong shared purpose, we support the long-term sustainable development of our business and our people and we enhance our impact on society and the environment.