Project Engineer

Job Details

Westhill, UK
Some College
February 2, 2017


Job Purpose

As part of the Project Engineering team, provide lead engineering support to the company project from concept or bid to commissioning and aftersales. The role will be executed working closely with the Project Manager.

Principal Accountabilities

Project Bid and Setup

  • Provide engineering support to bid process
  • In liaison with the Project Manager, organising a project into high level engineering deliverables.
  • Generating Cost/Time/Resource plan, with input from relevant divisions.
  • Producing high level Gas/Fluid/Hydraulic schematics for project.
  • Generating top level General Arrangement and hardware delivery list
  • Liaison with the Project Manager to assist generating the correct Company Project System Structure, using the Cost/Time/Resource  plan and high level General Arrangement.
  • Obtaining resources from other engineering divisions for specialist deliverables i.e. Structural, Electrical,
  • Products and Draughting.
  • Arranging the certification requirements for a project.
  • Liaising with Quality Assurance department to assist with the execution of certification requirements, if required.
  • Liaising with planning department to generate Master Document Register.
  • Liaising with planning to produce and generate Project Schedule.
  • Generating third party specifications, if required.

Project Engineering

  • Generation of Mechanical schematics as required by the Cost/Time/Resource plan.
  • Generation of General Arrangements as required by the Cost/Time/Resource plan.
  • Generation of drawing place holders in the Company Document Management Database.
  • Perform the engineering check to mechanical drawings in the Company Document Management Database approval process, sourcing assistance from Specialists where required.
  • Submission of design and liaison with class society, as required, to obtain design approval.
  • Liaising with third party suppliers, if required.
  • Arranging design reviews.
  • Reviewing third party drawings
  • Liaison with draughting to deliver required information in a timely manner.
  • Upload mechanical parts and manufacturing information into Company Document Management Database, if the project requires, for transfer to the Company Project System.

Project Documentation

  • Generation of required Factory Acceptance Test documentation, sourcing assistance form specialists when required.
  • Generation of Operation and Maintenance manuals, sourcing assistance form specialists when required.
  • Utilising the Company Document Management Database to produce production documentation, if required.
  • Generating recommended spares lists for sales department.
  • Assisting the Project Manager with audits of design, as required.

Project Production

  • Liaising with manufacturing facilities, if required.
  • Supporting project Factory Acceptance Tests as required
  • Supporting project commissioning as required
  • Liaising with the Quality Assurance department to ensure population of the certification matrix with the relevant certification.
  • Liaising with the Quality Assurance department to satisfy the requirements of inspection and test plans.

Project Closeout

  • Formalising as-built drawings and documentation.
  • Collating as-built drawings and documentation for process as required.

Ongoing Project Activities

  • Work closely with responsible persons to ensure timely delivery of required information.
  • Being the focal point of contact in the Engineering Department for the given project.
  • Utilising Company Document Management Database to record and transmit drawings/documentation
  • Liaising with client, if required.
  • Attending project meetings, as required.
  • Working closely with the Project Manager to give timely alert of risk.
  • Assist the planning department to maintain the schedule.
  • Liaising with planning department to maintain Master Document Register.
  • Liaison with the planning department and project manager to ensure relevant information is sent to client for review/information.
  • Writing their time into the correct work order, in order to generate accurate engineering resource information.
  • Reporting on engineering progress to the project manager, as required by the project.

Key Behaviours

  • An effective communicator to deal with internal and external personnel.
  • Knowledgeable of company departments, capabilities and responsibilities.
  • Knowledgeable of company systems of work.
  • Highly organised and structured, in order to set clear targets and monitor progress.
  • Capable of multi-tasking while delivering on required fronts, delegating when necessary.
  • Capable of taking a wide view of a project and appreciating impacts of decisions taken on relevant parties.
  • Willing to work flexible hours to meet deadlines and deal with unforeseen issues as they arise.
  • Willing to travel to all locations as the project demands.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience


  • Minimum HND in Engineering or equivalent.
  • 3 years experience in Project Engineering of a similar nature to principle accountabilities described above or minimum 2 years experience as a Graduate with Project Engineering experience.
  • Ability to fault find in a systematic manner.


  • Knowledge of saturation diving system rules and regulations
  • Knowledge of saturation diving system operations.
  • Experience in production process.
  • Having a broad working knowledge of all technical specialities, classification requirements and industry guidelines.
  • Have an effective knowledge of external suppliers of goods & services.

Critical Success Measures

  • Delivery of Cost/Time/Resource plan requirements in scheduled time.
  • Approval of design by classification authority.
  • Rework of Bill of Materials and design, when in production.
  • Completion of Factory Acceptance Tests.