Mechanical Engineer

Job Details

Westhill, UK
Bachelor's Degree
February 15, 2017


Job purpose

Primarily to provide engineering support to the commercial services division in relation to client requirements on dive systems or subsea applications. This can vary from JFD standard products, previously delivered JFD systems or external client requests.

When not engaged in commercial service support there will be a requirement to provide engineering design input and product life support to the JFD standard product range, maintain engineering packages, and offer engineering input on new design requirements or variants within the product ranges.

Principal accountabilities

  • Provide engineering support to the commercial service division on JFD commercial products, systems and external client requests.
  • Assess client queries and provide technical engineering solutions as requested by the commercial service division.
  • Liaising with clients (office and offshore) to understand their requirements and to ensure the best technical solution is provided.
  • Site visits to dive support vessels and other client assets as and when required.
  • Co-ordinate tasks by utilizing engineering, procurement and production where necessary to meet client demands.
  • Responsible for ensuring engineering solutions are provided on time and on budget.
  • Sourcing suitable components and materials when required.
  • Creation of part numbers and bill of materials.
  • Creation of engineering documentation such as specifications, proposals, assembly instructions, test procedures, certification and reports.
  • Checking detailed manufacturing drawings and documentation.
  • Adherence to engineering and company standard and processes.

Key behaviours

  • Excellent communication
  • Ability to work as part of a team but also in isolation if/when required
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Ability to adapt to changing scope or client demands
  • Natural problem-solver
  • Willingness to take ownership and accountability of tasks and drive to completion
  • Focused on delivering to tight deadlines and willing to go the extra mile to ensure success

Knowledge, skills and experience

Knowledge & Skills

  • Proven mechanical design skills
  • Experienced in generating design calculations
  • Experienced in manufacturing techniques
  • Experience in gas and fluid systems
  • Knowledge of pressure vessel design and standards
  • Knowledge of Dive Systems
  • Knowledge of Lloyds and DNV ships and diving rules
  • Knowledge of industry guidelines such as IMCA
  • Previous project engineering experience would be advantageous


  • Minimum of 3 years in a mechanical engineer or project engineer role
  • Experience with PLM system for generating and storage of engineering packages
  • Previous dive system experience would be advantageous


  • Mechanical Engineering degree or equivalent industry experience
  • Any relevant diving qualifications would be advantageous

Critical success measures

  • Delivery of successful engineering solutions on time and on budget.