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James Fisher Testing Services

James Fisher Testing Services (JFTS) is the new trading name of Testconsult, bringing together our existing expertise in the areas of foundation and materials testing with the structural monitoring capabilities of Strainstall.

JFTS offers a comprehensive range of services within the fields of foundation and materials testing and structural health monitoring. We support complex infrastructure projects throughout the asset lifecycle, from base line materials testing, to the design and installation of long term monitoring solutions and periodic structural investigation. Our cutting edge data management capability assists asset owners and operators to make timely and cost effective decisions throughout and at the end of asset life.

Expanding on our traditional operations, JFTS boasts an international presence with locations across the UK, Ireland, the Middle East and Malaysia. We can also draw upon the significant resources of the wider James Fisher group to offer a truly global service and an unrivalled ability to meet the constantly developing needs of the markets in which we work.

James Fisher Testing Services

Ruby House
40A Hardwick Grange

Tel: +44(0)1925 286 880
Fax: +44(0)1925 286 881
Email: enquiries@jftesting-services.com
Website: www.jftesting-services.com

For details of our other offices please view the interactive map.

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