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Return To Scene

Return To Scene

Return To Scene Limited develops innovative software, and provides bespoke services and communication solutions that greatly enhance the management and understanding of assets and operations.

By integrating diverse and often complex data, and transforming it into coherent knowledge, Return To Scene (R2S) helps individuals and organisations work smarter, delivering substantial cost savings, sustained performance improvements and tangible results across entire project lifespans.

The company's award-winning R2S software and associated services are used extensively by energy, marine, forensic, defence, security and governmental services. By managing a multiplicity of data from numerous sources, and providing powerful tools for accelerating and broadening understanding, R2S provides teams with secure and reliable access to real-time knowledge, 24 hours a day.

Return To Scene's expertise in data capture and management, user interaction and experience, multi-channel communications and user training enables its scope of application to continually evolve, ensuring that it meets the project-critical requirements of its customers and the future challenges of the market.

R2S Mosaic was launched in September 2016. Based on the same principles as the previous award-winning version of the R2S asset management system, R2S Mosaic includes many new features and functionalities designed to optimise workflows, improve understanding and increase efficiencies. Visit R2S Mosaic to find out more.

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