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Return To Scene Limited delivers award-winning software, visualisation and digitalisation solutions to the world's biggest companies.

Return To Scene is committed to supporting clients to overcome the challenges of the ever-increasing pace of technological development and embrace the digital future.

Established in 2008, their continuous drive for research and development and innovation has ensured they remain at the cutting edge – setting the benchmark across the multiple industries we support internationally.

From their origins revolutionising the capture and presentation of crime scenes and supporting incident investigation for police, government and the forensic sector, they developed their capabilities to produce solutions for other industries.

Today, the potential application of what they do is unlimited. 

Currently in its fourth major iteration, R2S Mosaic, the software continues to push boundaries, create efficiencies, reduce cost and enhance collaboration across Return To Scene’s clients' businesses. 

We know our clients utilise multiple, established data sources; from management systems to real-time data feeds. R2S Mosaic connects the multiple data sources and data silos. From management systems to real-time data feeds, the powerful software builds bridges between them and maximising the use of existing data. 

To find out more about the products, systems and services Return To Scene offer, browse the brochures below:

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Preview Return To Scene's testimonials below:

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BP testimonial
"R2S came to us from the forensic world and immediately caught our eye as something that would give us the perspective we needed to plan our activities."

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BP decomissioning testimonial
Driven by call from industry bodies to utilise innovative techniques, R2S has introduced significant efficiencies to the decommissioning process."

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 D3 consulting testimonial
This technology reduces our need to visit the site, reducing the need for costly transits and the HSE risks associated with transit and offshore exposure, often resulting in offshore visits for verification purposes only."

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 Stena drilling testimonial
Stena Drilling has reduced the need for transit to and time onboard its global work fleet. This is demonstrated by a significant reduction in onsite survey requirement, with many surveys, both those carried out by Stena Drilling, and those through third parties, undertaken from the safety and convenience of the onshore environment."
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 BP benefits testimonial
Including stats from multiple projects

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