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James Fisher Mimic

James Fisher Mimic is a provider of Mimic Condition Monitoring Software and a range of condition monitoring engineering consultancy services and solutions.

Mimic Condition Monitoring software was first developed more than 25 years ago, the innovative intelligent software solution that analyses asset condition, vibration data, performance and efficiency, used internationally by commercial ship owners, operators and military vessels.

Mimic Condition Monitoring software provides vessel owners and operators with live decision-making data relating to asset condition, performance and efficiency to ensure vessels remain operational and on hire. This allows commercial ship owners and operators to increase revenue through improved vessel reliability and availability which in turn helps to maintain reputation. It will also reduce significant costs associated with being off-hire as a result of mechanical breakdown. For military vessels, Mimic ensures every mission is completed as smoothly as possible. The avoidance of intrusive and breakdown maintenance and associated unnecessary spare parts consumption provides cost savings.

Mimic condition monitoring

Intelligent condition monitoring solutions and services


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James Fisher Mimic

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