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Fendercare Marine

Fendercare Marine has rapidly expanded to become one of the world’s foremost suppliers of marine products and services. In 2005, they became part of James Fisher and Sons plc.

Fendercare Marine is a world-leading provider of high quality products, services and packaged solutions to the commercial marine, naval, offshore oil and gas and renewable energy industries, as well as the foremost provider of Ship-to-Ship (STS) services worldwide. Fendercare Marine brings the latest technology and industry best practice to the service of its international customers.

View our product supply video for an overview and for more information download The Book.

Fendercare Marine has significant marine operational expertise, as the world's leader in Ship-to-Ship transfers as well as a leading provider of marine products and services.

Services include:

Our experience and expertise in Ship-to-Ship operations enables us to understand our customers requirements, allowing Fendercare to provide tailored strategic solutions.

 Services include: 

  • Fully equipped bases with all the necessary hoses, fenders and ancillary equipment
  • Over 80 highly experienced STS superintendents ready at a moment's notice
  • Support craft to rig/unrig STS equipment
  • STS licences and permissions (where required)
  • Industry compliant procedures
  • Technical Marine Assurance support
  • Team of coordinators providing 24/7 cover for scheduled and emergency transfers 


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General overview brochure pdf 4.3 MB
Worldwide ship-to-ship brochure pdf 4.6 MB
Marine products flyer pdf 1.5 MB
Offshore marine services diagram pdf 1.7 MB
The book - Fendercare product catalogue pdf 17.7 MB
Delivering LNG STS solutions pdf 3.7 MB
Poly marine fender systems pdf 1.1 MB
Flotation and buoyancy brochure pdf 1.8 MB
Bespoke fendering pdf 1.2 MB
STS hose testing services pdf 3.3 MB
Fender hire: the low-cost alternative pdf 0.9 MB
Fender service and maintenance  pdf 0.9 MB

Fendercare Marine

UK (Head Office)
Enterprise House
Harveys Lane
NR15 1EN 

Tel:          +44 (0) 1508 482 691
Tel STS:    +44 (0) 1508 482 666 (24hrs)
Fax:         +44 (0) 1508 482 710

Email:        sales@fendercare.com
Website:    www.fendercare.com

For details of our other offices, please visit our locations page.

If you are interested in applying for a career with Fendercare Marine you may like to join the Fendercare Marine career group on LinkedIn. 

For more information on some of the specific products and services offered by Fendercare Marine please click on a link below: